2016 marked the deadliest year on record concerning the refugee crisis and more than half of that statistic was made up by Syrians. For my 34th birthday, I decided to take a trip back to Istanbul, Turkey as this seemed to be a concentrated area of where a lot of refugees would land. Before booking my ...
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TIXE, 2015
 In this generation of hyper-consumerism, wastefulness is becoming more and more apparent and this single idea was the high concept to this impeccably well-thoughtout art installation. When Ann Lewis first approached me with this idea, it was pretty much a no-brainer. I personally am an advocate of healthy and sustainable living and feel as ...
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New York City circa 2014 saw a lot gentrification, where silent big money is pushing out New York natives that have been living in the city for as long as they can remember. Toward the end of the year, the gentrification had a big target on apartment buildings, forcing out tenants under low-income housing or rent-stabilized ...
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